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About Us

Our Mission

Force Green Robotics is committed to being a team that inspires the community with our shared passion for STEM and applied skills in youth leadership, collaborative teamwork, and business entrepreneurship. As well as designing, building, marketing, and mastering a competitive robot to meet the FTC challenge and promoting community outreach.

Our Story

Force Green began its journey as a FIRST Lego League team in 2013 with six team members in 7th grade. Over the years, Force Green moved to the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) competition, with a greater desire for STEM, competition, and success. As old members graduated and new members joined, Force Green expanded, gained more knowledge, and got more frequently involved in the FIRST community. As of today, we are composed of three seniors, five Juniors, three sophomores, and three freshmen.

Meet The Team

Our Mentors

Head Coach - Garrett Palmquist

Coach - Mike Marchand

Mentor - 

Mentor - 

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