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As a team we build off our prior success to reach even greater heights going forward. While these are what we have been able to achieve so far, we are excited to continue growing and becoming and even better team! In addition to the most recent award shown below, we have qualified to State Championship very time, qualified to World Championship four times, and won the 1st place Think award at the 2019-2022 State Championship.

2024 Regional Championship

Finalist Alliance Captain

We were the finalist alliance captain and 1st ranked team at the STL Mid Regional Championship. We also won 3rd place Inspire and qualified to the MO/KS Championship


2023 World Championship

3rd Place Think Award

At the 2023 World Houston Championship we won the third place Think Award which recognizes a team for a creative and out of the box engineering portfolio that shows the essence of the team. 

2023 State Championship

2nd Place Inspire Award

At the 2023 State Missouri Championship we won the second place Inspire Award and Force Green was able to advance to the World's Championship in Houston, Texas.


2022 World's Championship

"Vaccine CAD"

At the 2022 World's Championship Force Green won a Judge's Choice Award named Vaccine CAD in recognition of our efforts in the Pfizer vaccine manufacturing process.


2022 State Championship

2nd Place Innovate Award

At the 2022 State Missouri Championship we won the second place Innovate Award which recognizes a team for their creativity, ingenuity, to bring their out-of-the-box ideas to life.

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