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Space Cats - A Programming Board Game

A board game to teach kids the basics of programming by navigating a cat through obstacles with basic program cards.

Space Cats is a board game designed to introduce the basic concepts of programming to kids. Space Cats has the players navigate a cat through obstacles to deliver supplies to a space base. Starting with a basic set of forward, left, and rights cards to travel, more complicated ideas such as lasers, functions, and loops are introduced later on.

Space Cats is created with widespread use in mind. With simple materials anyone can print, Space Cats can be utilized by almost anyone. The resources for all of the game materials are included below. Please credit Force Green, team 10265, for Space Cats when using it.

Space Cats has gone through a long process of development, which you can also check out further down this page.

Power in Numbers







Project Gallery

If you use the Space Cats board game, please credit Force Green for the game. Please also promote the use on social media (Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter) with the tags: #forcegreen #team10265 #spacecatsboardgame. Feel free to tag us in the post as well!

Programming Game Instructions

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